PersonalizedDigital Marketing Strategy

Very often I will get a phone call from a potential client who would like to invest in better positioning their brand across all major search engines. Of course I am always excited to collaborate with them, but I will take the time to explain to them how getting on to page one of Google is not an easy feat.

A company’s online presence is simply a manifestation of who they really are and how they serve their customers in a digital format. When releasing an arsenal of content across the internet, whether through a website or social media, the feedback will usually coincide with how the brand is identified offline. That is why I choose to start from bottom up and make sure that your brand is positioned for success and is ready for the digital marketing launch.

I’ll show you where to focus your digital marketing efforts,FOR THE BEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

Each and every industry will require an in depth analysis for online growth. For an ecommerce company that might mean investing in a fast and mobile friendly online store while for a service company it might mean positioning your website to gain as many leads as possible. The commonality between all businesses is to create a healthy streamline of organic customers that will come back in the future or at least refer you to one of their friends.

I help make that happen and show you how your customers are interacting with your brand on a digital level with true analytics. Many agencies will flower up the analytics to show you success while really it’s not the case. I have chosen to move away from the agency model and put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to determine what is called success. No contract is required giving you the ultimate flexibility for growing your business online.

Here are some ideas for proper digital presentation.WHERE DO I BEGIN?

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    Before launching any online marketing campaign your brand identification should be in tip top shape. That means enhancing your logo, identifying your primary offer, and separating yourself from the competition.
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    How will potential customers or clients reach out to you? There are many ways someone can reach out to you beyond your website like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google My Business, and many other apps. I strive to make your website the primary method of communication that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
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    Make sure your website is 100% mobile friendly. By the time you’re reading this sentence desktops might be a museum piece. According to Oberlo, more than half of the worldwide web visitors are on a mobile phone. Not having your website optimized for mobile, means that you are limiting more than half of potential customers or clients reaching out to you.
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    Try and identify what the competition is doing right and replicate that. It’s not a guessing game, do the most research and even reach out to them as a potential consumer to see what it is that’s missing from your digital marketing portfolio.